Beginner Quilt Series - Class 2 - Straight Seam Quilt
Donna Dyer

Beginner Quilt Series - Class 2 - Straight Seam Quilt

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Now that you have learned the basic terminology, tools and some techniques, join Donna as she guides you step-by-step through the entire quilting process.  Build your skills and confidence with with this charming patchwork quilt! (Approximate size: 31x36) Materials are included.   Prerequisite:  Beginner Quilt Series Class 1 and basic experience using a sewing machine.

(The time requirement projected to complete this project is an estimate, as skill levels vary from student to student.  Students who do not have access to a sewing machine or cutting tools outside of class, or who have limited quilting experience, may require more class time which is available through Open Quilt classes.)

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